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I write cutesy stories about falling in love. Suck it.

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scene #9

sneak-peek: The year seemed so insignificant yesterday. Not having Grayson in my life had become a routine that I eventually accepted even if I never really felt okay again once he was gone. I couldn’t change it, so I lived with it and until a few hours ago, it didn’t matter so much anymore. Time went on.

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The weight that’s been sitting on my chest all afternoon finally lifts when I look up at the clock. I didn’t say a word last year. I didn’t fight for our friendship or tell him goodbye. I let him walk out of my life like it was easy. But this year, I have time to make things right, one window of opportunity. Maybe it’s fate or divine intervention or maybe we were always holding the strings and just didn’t know which ones to pull at the right moments, but if I don’t say it to him now, if I really let the second chance pass me by…will I ever say it? What if there is no third time? What if I only have right now?

Emmy, Any Way You Want It
Title: Young and Beautiful Artist: Lana Del Rey 3,533 plays

hot summer days, rock ‘n’ roll. the way you play for me at your show. and all the ways i got to know your pretty face and electric soul.

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scene #8

sneak-peek: I play three notes in succession at random, the notes loud and sharp in the quiet house. One key sticks a little, its tone lingering on for a while after the others have faded away.

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scene #7

sneak-peek: “Don’t tell me what I—” My voice hitches and following suit like dominos, everything else in me cracks and collapses. I’m not fine. I haven’t been for a while, and he can see it like it’s a flashing sign on my forehead. Of course, he can. Out of everyone in my life, it just has to be him. No matter how hard I try to pretend we’re different people now, he’s standing right in front of me proving me wrong.

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Title: Fireworks Artist: You Me At Six 1,195 plays


Fireworks by You Me At Six


SMASH - I Heard Your Voice in a Dream (por John McAvoy)

So sing to me and I will forgive you
For taking my heart in the suitcase you packed
Sing to me like the lights didn’t blind you
Like you blinded me when I heard your voice in a dream

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Scene #6

sneak-peek: Maybe one will even play the guitar for me the way he did, acoustic and quiet at three A.M. when I was just drowsy enough to think it was love. 

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Scene #5

sneak-peek: He blinks once, like this fact never occurred to him. “I want your opinion,” he says.

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Title: Ho Hey Artist: The Lumineers 463 plays


I belong with you, you belong with me, you’re my sweetheart.

scene #4

sneak-peek: “You walked all the way here?” I ask quietly. It’s the only thing I can think of to say, the only words that aren’t churning my stomach or wobbling my knees or making my head dizzy.

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scene #3

sneak-peek:  I sigh and set my mother’s bouquet aside before laying my hand in his, which he cups and lifts to his lips for a swift kiss that tickles my skin and creates a chain reaction of goosebumps on my arms. 

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Your early songs come out of a moment when you’re writing with no sure prospect of ever being heard. Up until then, it’s just you and your music…

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